Our All Things Data service is your one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need for your direct marketing campaign. We have worked in the DM industry for over 25 years and during that time have gained the project management expertise, professional partnerships and necessary rapport to deliver every element of your campaign on time, on message and on budget.

Try All Things Data. Like an integrated marketing agency, but without the hefty price tag.



Kelvin Langley

CEO & Project Manager

If you don't already know him, you should. If there's anything about data, spreadsheet wizardry and project management he doesn't know, we'll eat our collective hat. Kelvin has worked as part of multinational mail marketing companies and projects for years, and these bonds remain today. He has managed huge data swap and purchasing campaigns for years, single-handedly managing up to a million records per campaign for many regular clients. He manages this with a clear, considered and transparent approach, usually with many laughs along the way. We honestly don't know how he does it.


Pippa Carson

Marketing & Communications

Pippa has been with Listbroker for the last 6 years, and has learnt everything she knows about direct marketing from Kelvin. Having trained in creative writing, she provides the 'voice' of Listbroker to its many stakeholders. Passionate and enthusiastic to her core, Pippa delivers on written content, including social media management, blogs and newsletters for Listbroker, as well as to a number of clients. For more information on the services she can provide, check out our Content Creation page.


James Birch

Graphic Design and Media

James has worked in multi-national telecoms organisations for years, and was responsible for the complete makeover of telecoms giant, Teleperformance. A constructive, patient and helpful member of the team, James absorbs any ideas, no matter how crazy, and always seems to make them work. He is particularly passionate about maintaining the integrity of a brand, message or appeal, always ensuring appropriate and attractive artwork that brings out the best in the brand. "Pictures tell 1000 words" he is fond of saying. And do you know, done to his standard, we think he might be right! To find out more about the services James provides, visit our Content Creation page.


Julia Gibbs

Corporate PR & Marketing Strategy

With 20 years corporate experience in marketing and PR in multinational legal and telecoms firms, Julia quickly rose to the top as a professional, approachable and clear-skies thinker in both the B2B and consumer fields. She can untangle any confused marketing strategy, providing solid and creative consultancy which combines the tried-and-tested with the innovative. To find out more, visit our Consultancy page.


Stephen Butler

Charity Fundraising Strategy

Stephen has been in the fundraising business for well over two decades, and has worked with Kelvin on complex and high-ticket campaigns for most of that time. Stephen is our fundraising guru, and will be delighted to advise on exactly how, what and why to run your campaign in various ways, imparting his wisdom in a knowledgeable and comprehensive manner.


Jake Langley

Credit Control & Accounts

Jake started professional life in retail, and quickly discovered a burgeoning aptitude to figures and spreadsheets. He received on-the-job training, rapidly learning the ropes and managing the accounts. He's also a black belt in tae kwondo - so don't mess with him!